Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A murder of Crows

Ooooo.... Shiny.....
A light-medium weight game where you are laying down tiles and then thinking where you are placing your shiny object so as to attract as many crows from other tiles to your object because the crows will score you points. There are extra points to be earned if your object is on a cemetery and you get special tokens if your object is placed on an empty tree tile which can give you 2 points if unused at the end of the game.
So basically you are trying to see where is the best place to first, place that new tile so you can benefit and then place your shiny object to attract as much crows as you can and at the same time stealing crows from other players. Player order is quite important as well because being first you could possibly get the best spot but being last you can also see how you can best screw with other players too! Components are ok and the crow-eeples are pretty cool! Try before you buy!

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