Monday, May 20, 2013

Acquire: Rocking it old school!

Love the plastic pieces and buildings!
Its been a REALLY LONG time since I brought out my copy to play. I first played Acquire (the latest version) at a gaming cafe and I was hooked on it! So I did some research and found out there are so many versions of Acquire and this copy was, in my opinion, best of the lot! I bought this copy pretty early on in my gaming life and I had to ship this from USA at quite a price because of its rarity.

Acquire is essentially an economic game involving property, mergers and stocks. Players are laying down tiles, expanding existing corporation sizes, buying stocks and trying to effect mergers which will give payouts and are the ONLY way to earn money in the game. Player with the most money will win the game!
I can never seem to get a good grasp on the game though because I have a hard time judging the value of my stocks during the game. Most of the time my strategy is to buy stocks of companies which I can effect mergers on but in a 6 player game, its quite hard to do a surprise merger and win the majority. If you can keep track of what all players have bought then perhaps you will have an easier time judging when is the best time to cause a merger and win the majority shareholder bonuses. I still really like this game and if you can find a copy of the version above, do go grab it as it feels way way better than the current cardboard version! Recommended!

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