Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bora Bora: 12 huts + 12 man/woman tiles!

OMG i DID IT! Can't believe it...

So after a few games of bora bora I was thinking its neigh impossible to score the 12 huts and 12 man/woman tiles so last night when I played it again I decided to give it a go. Boy was I surprised I managed to do it and win the game! 
Now I must admit its not easy and I had a little bit of luck. You essentially need to be able to obtain tiles that give you either more tiles or allowed you to place huts either on the board or in your last hut space. At the same time, you will need quite a lot of the green gods to help you maximize the number of man/woman tiles you are getting.
You probably can complete the objectives goal and even the jewelry goal. I doubt you can be on the temple track though. Now the chances to get screwed is pretty high but with careful planning and subtlety, you can get away with it.
It really impressed me how it is possible to try something totally different in Bora bora and even win! Makes me want to revisit some of my older games and see what other alternative strategies I can come up with.
So after tonight it confirms for me that bora bora is one of the best Stefan Feld games I have played. Highly recommended! 

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