Sunday, May 26, 2013

Episode 10 is now LIVE!

We have the pleasure of interviewing Jamey Steigmaier, Designer and publisher of Viticulture and the upcoming Euphoria which is already funded and still running on Kickstarter! 

We are also running our VERY FIRST CONTEST with Prizes! So if you are interested, do listen to the contest question in our episode and send your answers to pulpcontest@gmail.com 

Contest will end on 23rd June and the winner will be announced in Episode 13!

Direct link to our podcast can be found here

Check out the link for Euphoria here

Jamey's company website can also be found here


  1. Oh gosh ..... Eric's voice is 1 standard deviation lower at times! Are you people thinking of using polycom? Think it would be good to let others know the b/m link so other can download any podcast and listen to it anytime they want. http://s3.amazonaws.com/PushUrLuckPodcast/pulp_feed.xml .I can't d/l for free with the a/m link within the blog.

  2. erm the links on the side of the blog is direct download link. did you try those?
    yea i am still figuring out garageband :) thanks for feedback though!

  3. ohhh...... I'm disappointed ....the contest questions is not with reference to Episode 10! Sadness!

  4. still its quite easy to guess :)