Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hattari: Another small game series

Do i try to bluff or just guess correctly?
Another in the series of small sized games from Oink games, Hattari is a game for 2-4 where players are trying to either guess who the culprit is correctly OR try to trick your opponents into guessing the same spot as you so that if it was a mistake, they will have to take your token as well.

There are 8 stylised person-like figures that are black on 1 side and either a number or blank on the other side. 1 person will be the victim and 3 others will be the suspect on the center of the table. Each player will then receive 1 person figure. Players will look at the figure and then pass it to the right. So before the game begins, each player would have seen 2 out of 8 figures. The first player starts and will place a token on 1 of the 3 suspects and look at the other 2. Then the first player will place his token onto any of the suspects. The player on the left will then look at the 2 suspects that are not covered by the first player's token. In this way, each player will place one of their tokens on any of the 3 suspects except on the suspect that the previous player had placed a token on.
Once all players have placed their tokens, the suspects are revealed and, unless a number 5 was revealed, the culprit will be the figure with the highest number. If a number 5 was revealed, then the lowest number is the culprit. Blanks will never be a culprit. Those who guessed correctly retrieve their token with the 'eye' symbol face up. Guessing wrongly means you get your token black side up. If there are multiple tokens, then the last player who guessed wrongly gets all wrong tokens in that stack. Game ends when a player has a total of 8 tokens (regardless of side) or a player has all black tokens. Player with the least tokens will win the game!
It was a meh first game I played but a way better 2nd game. The 2nd group was able to analyze the game and figure out the intricate details and depth of the game. Certainly makes for a way more intriguing game. I definitely like it now and am glad I got myself a copy. I am beginning to find these series of small box games (with minimal components) and seemingly light but has a lot more depth very entertaining and much bang for buck! Recommended!

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