Sunday, May 26, 2013

Il Vecchio: Round and round the middlemen go...

I wish the other side had a different board configuration..
I review this previously in my other blog so I won't go into too much details again. This is a light weight euro with a pasted on theme where players are trying to score points by strategically placing their workers, obtaining tiles with which they can then move some workers into various provinces around the map and the venice in the center of the map. These workers will provide scoring points as well as bonuses. When the game has ended, there will be a slew of other end game scoring bonuses and whoever has the most points will win the game.

For the most part, this, to me, is slightly heavier than a filler and can take quite a bit of time to play (depending on how long the players take to "store power" or hold on to their tiles before going for the win. I tried the bonus where when I get 2 priests tiles I will get a bonus Wheel tile and 2 florins. I made a mistake at the end though when I thought I could no longer pay to move my last standing worker into one of the provinces and that cost me 12 points which will grab me the win. To me, this feels like Hansa in the sense that you don't ned to know the theme to just play and mechanically just perform the actions. Unlike Hansa though in Il Vecchio, you can only perform 1 action per turn thus most turns go by really fast. The only AP time is when players are choosing the various bonuses from the tracks. That's when players will need to refer to the manual to see what the bonuses are and often the other players will take their turns and by the time you have chosen, its your next turn. Try before you buy!

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