Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kobayakawa - Poker light?

Should I risk it....? Or play it safe?
Another game from the set of games I had purchased from Oink Games, Kobayakawa is a light filler very similar in the vein of Love Letter. The game consists of only 15 cards and quite a sum of metallic coins. Game lasts for 7 rounds and during each round, every player will be dealt a card. There will also be 1 card in the center face up. During your turn, you can choose to draw a card and then discard one of the 2 cards in your hand face up on the table OR place a card from the draw deck face up onto the center of the table. After all players have done this, then starting with the start player again, players decide to be IN (by betting a coin) or OUT (meaning they will not compete in this round). Then all players who are still IN show the card they have in hand. The player with the LOWEST number gets the privilege of adding the number in the center of the table to their number. Then the player with the highest total will win the bets of all other players (who are in) plus 1 coin from the center pool. All cards are shuffled and a new round begins. The last round is slightly different in that the bet is 2 coins instead of 1 and winner gets 2 coins as well.

I was pleasantly surprised at this light game with only 15 cards and I am now very interested to find out more games that are of this setup (light card game with minimal components but pack such a punch!) The main thoughts during the game were "should I push my luck?" It has also quite similar thought processes to Poker and was enjoyed by all who played this game. There is player elimination though so you have to be careful not to get kicked out early in the game. Great light filler. Recommended!

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