Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was a major house builder in this game...
Its been quite sometime since I last played Milestones and I was eager to bring it out again. We played with 3 players and I was the most experienced one around with 2 relatively newbies to the game. I won't go into details of the game because there are many reviews already online about this. My feel of the game is that its clean, efficient and very much a medium weight euro game with an interesting rondel-like player board where you will be carrying out your actions.
The game plays pretty fast, rules explanation can be a whee bit long because of the different methods of scoring and explaining the milestones and the conditions in which each item can be built but its nothing too difficult to pick up on. The most important aspect of the gameplay is that you have to be careful NOT to set people up. In essence, if you can build a few items together at the same time, that will be the best as you won't be setting someone else up to build that market to score 5 points or that house to score 9 points for example. 
Timing is also quite important in the game because if you can time it such that when you land on the King its your 2nd action, then you can start afresh in the new turn. Furthermore, knowing when the game will end and timing your actions (similar to Tzolkin) is also quite important. Thus its being as efficient as you can. 
Unfortunately, there are definite long periods of time where players are staring at their boards and wondering what to get and what they can build. Especially if you are prone to analysis paralysis, this can lead to a lot of downtime for the other players. Still I like this game a lot but with new games like Village and expansion, it may have dropped a little in the ladder. Recommended!

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