Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pinguin Party - Japanese version

Making monkey noises during the game.. 
Part of the set of games I had recently purchased from Oink Games in Japan, this version is a redesigned art of Pinguin Party from Reiner Knizia. In this game, players are trying to finish their hand of cards while building a pyramid like structure on the table. The only rule is if you are placing on the next level, the color of the new card must match one of those from the previous level it is residing on. If you cannot play any more cards, you have to pass and get a penalty chip for EACH card you have remaining in your hand. Play continues until all players have passed and all cards are shuffled again and a new round begins. After a number of rounds, the player with the LEAST number of penalty chips will win the game.

Its a fast light filler game which does give a lot of tension and fun for its size and weight. Should I empty all colors of 1 type quickly? Oh no, blue is getting locked out, I hope I still have a chance to revive the color! These are the thoughts that are running through your head as you play the game.
I haven't seen the older version so I cannot comment too much on the art but I like the bright neon like colors chosen for this game. The box and packaging is also very nicely done but the card shape is kinda odd. Definitely cannot sleeve the cards but I guess that is fine.
Quite a good game and I enjoyed it. Recommended!

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