Sunday, May 19, 2013

Village and Village Inn expansion

Check out our scores! I am RED btw :)
So my copy of Village Inn, the expansion for Village, has arrived and I was quick to bring it to the table to play. What it adds is a set of cards which gives you certain characters that can provide you with 1 time benefits or more points at the end of the game. These cards can be purchased at the Inn by placing a person there for 1 x Time and activating that person for another 1 x Time. Cards do have a purchase price. Another addition is a new building with which to make a new type of Good - Beer. The expansion also adds components for a 5th player and a few more goods and customer tiles for the game.
Now I really wanted to try something different so I try to spawn as many of my family members as I quickly can and I found myself ignoring the Inn and the cards for the most part. I quickly went back to my old routine though (making sure I have enough workers in the chronicle and doing traveling, council and the Chapel) to score points as that always seems to be most natural to me. I was also ignoring the customer tiles throughout the game.
Dion went with heavy Inn strategy to try out the new expansion and Jon went with heavy Customer strategy with converting Rice to Coin to try something new. Both of them at the end game scored exactly the SAME points and I only pulled ahead because I manage to score some points by leading in the Chapel.
All in all, we all felt the expansion does add quite a bit to the base game and should now be played always with the base game. The icons on the cards aren't very intuitive but luckily the reference portion on the manual is easy to understand. There are some components which are used to make the new chronicle and graveyard look more whole but they could have just made the pieces already whole to begin with. Otherwise, not much complaints. Recommended! 

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