Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Augustus: BINGO!

It really is Bingo :)
After hearing, watching and reading reviews about Augustus, the overwhelming common theme is BINGO. This is BINGO the boardgame. This suggests to me that its light, not much decision to be had and possibly not for me. I managed to try it last night and yup pretty much a lot of my initial impressions were spot on.
Augustus is a light euro? (american? Jury is still out on this) style game where players are competing the score the most points completing symbols on objective cards and also fighting for a common set of achievements. The game will end when 1 player has completed 7 objectives and players count their end game scoring tiles and whoever has the most points will win the game.

The main gist of the game is the BINGO mechanism. 1 player will draw out discs and all players will decide where to place their meeple onto incomplete objective cards that have the same symbol. You can only place 1 meeple her disc that appears though. if anyone has completely filled all the symbols of their objectives, they can yell BINGO (i mean Ave Caesar) and they get to perform the reward portion of the completed objective.
I did not do so well because it seems that our hands were very "good" and we kept pulling out the rare discs. I had thought by completing objectives that gave me better options (changing 1 type of disc into another type of disc) I was in a better position in the later game to complete objectives fast and furious. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. Game ended and I had only 4 completed objectives.
As mentioned, its a light game and we kept yelling our the icons we wanted whenever there was drawing from the bag. We also kept yelling BINGO instead of Ave Caesar (or similar) and generally had fun playing it. It plays quite fast and is neatly designed. Not much issues were faced when playing and for its lightness it does make me want to try it again just to do better the 2nd time. But because its light, it may not be for everyone. There are also a lot of pictures which seems to suggest that there will be expansions later on for the game. Also I think the box has way too much space for what is essentially a card game. Perhaps its for the expansion as well? Try before you buy.

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