Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bora Bora: Ignore the temple and you will be screwed!

Wasn't as successful as I was previously
So I played another 4 player game of Bora Bora and I was going to try out the same tactics again with the 12 tiles final bonus but its way more difficult with 4 players. I ended up completing the 6 construction tiles and occupying the whole space for 12 points. I also managed to finish all of my objectives and get that bonus as well. Still I was squeezed out of about 10 points from the fishes at the end when players decided I was the bigger threat. I also ignored the temple track and Jon won by about 10+ points, scoring on both the temple tracks and the man/woman tiles that provided points.

I think it will quite impressive if you can perform the 12 man/woman tile + the 12 huts objective in a 4 player game. I don't think its remotely possible to achieve ALL the end game objectives but that I think is by design. Still it does show that you can win if you did not achieve any of the end game objectives by obtaining the tiles that just provide you points wholesale and the temple track. That maybe my next objective to see if I can win without achieving any of the end game objectives :)
I still really like this game even though I lost because of the way it plays. It has many avenues to score points, good components and art and its a game that keeps after itself (as in after every round you can keep those bits that are not required anymore). The only gripe will be the setup because there are many bits to setup on the player boards as well as setup the other tiles onto the main board. Still very much Highly Recommended!

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