Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dragon Valley: Er... whats the point?

We never even reached the forts!
Tried something new. Dragon Valley is a euro-style light-medium weight game where players are humans defending against orcs, battering rams and dragons and in the end, hopefully bringing the fight to their own fortresses all in the name of scoring points. The player who first reaches 30 points will win the game.

How was it? Well I don't see how this game is any good. There are a few issues we had. We spent most of our time defending against enemies that are coming towards us and that is where we scored most of our points and then one of the players named Boon, won the game. WE NEVER TOUCHED THE FORTRESSES in the middle of board at all! Granted those are supposed to score us the most points (some of them even half the winning points required) but to get there you will usually need to transport your catapults all the way to where they are and given the amount of enemy troops that are coming in towards us, that can prove difficult.
We weren't really hampered by the enemies that were arriving towards us. I mean its possible that we were very lucky with our draws as after the game we looked into the bag and found there were a lot of red cubes (dragons) but we never saw a lot of them. In the end, we were eager to grab those lots that had a lot of enemies in order for our ample troops to have a go at them and score points. Its as if these orcs and dragons were eager to impale themselves on our defences. Even more ridiculous, if you manage to deviate the enemies off the cliff (by good placement of structures) and they fall off and die, you will score 4 points each enemy instead of the usual 2.
Finally, the lot allocations is quite dependant on the players and how they perceive the value of the different components. The number of items that you need to allocate though into the lots is way too much to allow players to be able to make any good sense of the value and then put them into competitive lots. You have cards which provide actions, you have enemy troops and friendly troops and finally you have buildings to allocate. If you have players that did not really follow convention and placed illogical lots, then it will just cause a lot of inequality and cause lots of chaos and problem for the other players.
All in all, I did not enjoy the game and felt it is missing its mark and point! Yes there were quite a lot of dragons to kill thus the name of the game, but it seems to be an overly complicated Tower defence boardgame. Not recommended!

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