Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I need to win this more often!
After a few more games of Edo, I am not sure if there are any more paths to victory than just building. There is a Merchant for you to use but most of the time people are just building to win. The path seems all the same. Grab resources and then choose where to build your buildings and then score points and win. Essentially its to see if you can do it faster (or more efficient) than the other players to win the game. Most of the time we tend to shun the merchant. In this latest game, I did try to go just purely merchant way to see if I can score and win with it. But its often quite difficult to do so unless you have a lot of $. Because you can use it to buy the extra resources but more often than not, its probably more efficient to go to the resource areas and grab them than via merchant.
Edo is still quite an interesting game for me because I am often torn between buying MORE tiles and using the tiles efficiently to get an engine going. I should pay attention to getting more money though because I realise that most of the winners usually had a lot of income per round to enable them to build the fortresses for the win.

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