Sunday, June 23, 2013

Five Points The Gangs of New York : OMG what a close game!

Can't believe how close it was! Last careless mistake i made cost me the game
So I was eager to bring this to the table again because of a few errors in rules in the previous game and also to try out the different buildings. I must say this was an excellent 2nd game. I was the only one that played this before so I had a slight advantage but the buildings were new. 2 of the new players were doing quite well and they were in the lead in terms of bosses on the board. While the other 3 tried to tackle them both to prevent from winning, the 2 leaders decided to gang up against the rest of us.

One of the leaders tried to finish up the green scoring tiles so that the game can end faster and he can score points and win (green). Blue was trying very hard to get his 5 bosses in to win the game. While me, in red, was trying for a cobra strike like my first game to sneak in the win. Yellow was pretty screwed because most of his rabble are on the board but no elections in those districts so each round he was limited in what he could do. Purple was mostly fighting for the buildings.
In the final round, I had quite a few rabble left so I was in control of the situation. My plan was to cause a special election (this special action tile keeps appearing in most of our rounds!) and then win via a normal round. However I neglected the special building which allows the owner of the building to shift 1 rabble from 1 tile to another tile. I was kinda hoping I could guard against that but in the end, he shifted my cube over to allow 2 elections to take place which caused me to lose my last boss and he to place his final boss for the win!
It was a very tense last round and my loss, while tragic, did not deter me from liking the game. So now its 2 for 2 where the end game condition was 5 bosses. Its interesting how people are always always aiming to place 5 bosses on the board even though its probably easier to cause the game to end when 1 color bonus tiles have been depleted. Next game, I will definitely try to end the game this way to see if its easier to play and win the game. So far its been thumbs up from MOST of the players and a game that I will Highly Recommend!

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