Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fix'it for Dummies - Takenoko

Fix'it for Dummies is a new series that I have decided to start.
It is a series of very simple posts about the variants that I use for some of the games that I own.

Although it is called "Fix'it for Dummies", it is by no means me saying that:
1) the game is broken, or
2) you are a dummy
It is neither of the above. It is just house rule(s) that i use when i play the game as i find that it increases my enjoyment of the game, or makes it a whole lot more interesting. :)

Alright, so the first entry for Fix'it for Dummies is...

Fix'it Number One - Half Points for Already Existing Objective Conditions

Original Rule:
Player may complete objective(s) any time during their turn as long as the Objective Conditions are met
Player scores full points for the objective card(s)

New Rule:
Player may complete objective(s) any time during their turn as long as the Objective Conditions are met
If player is the one responsible for the objective conditions being met ( placed the plot, irrigated the plot, planted the bamboo, etc ), he/she scores full points
If the objective conditions were already present ( satisfied without the help of the player itself ), the player only scores half the points rounded down. The objective card is then tapped to signify as such.

This greatly prevents luck of the draw for the objective cards, and it also helps to bring the scoring closer as players may want to wait to score full points, or play a quick catch up by claiming half points.
This new rule means that it is impossible to score half points for Panda Eating cards as the effort is done completely by the player.

Fix'it Number Two - Regulate the Number of the Types of Objective Cards a Player may Complete

Original Rule:
Players may complete any type of objective card in any number as long as they can fulfill its condition.
Example, player may end the game having completed 7 Panda Eating cards in a 4 player game

New Rule:
The limit for the number of objectives of one type a player may complete is 2 more than their lowest completed objective type.
Example, if a player fails to complete any Plot Objective, he/she may only complete 2 Panda Eating objectives and 2 Bamboo Growing objectives ( 2+0 ). Only when the player has completed a first Plot Objective will they then be able to complete a third Bamboo Growing or/and Panda Eating Objective. ( 2+1 )

example of the only 2 end game scenarios for a 4 player game ( 7 objectives )

This rule prevents players from spamming just a single type of objective card.
I find that the plot objective cards are way more difficult to achieve and netted the player insufficient points for the effort put into it. So this rule ensures that each player has to achieve at least one ( or two depending on number of players ) Plot Objective card.
And in doing so, it also opens up the playing field and made each game tighter than it normally was.

and Yes, i know Takenoko is supposed to be a light and fast game. the above Fix'its may make the game last slightly longer, but for me, it turns a pretty ok game to a better game.



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      hope it helps to make your games more fun, like it did for mine !