Sunday, June 16, 2013

La Venise Du Nord: a 2 player session

Dice rolling and selecting type of game
La Venise Du Nord is a light-medium weight Euro style game where players are trying to complete contracts by transforming raw goods into final products and selling them into markets or fulfilling contracts. Players are also trying to build up an engine of sorts which will provide some points. All of this is done by means of rolling 2 dice. 1 dice will be selected as the distance a player's pawn will move and the other the number of actions that can be done by the player at the final location. At the end, the player with the most points will win the game.

First time playing the game and it was pretty okay for me. There is a fair bit of luck involved because of the placement of the tiles AND your dice roll. There is a ferry that travels around the tiles that you can utilize but more often than not you are at the mercy of your die roll. There is also a bridge concept which allows you to place bridges and your longest chain will score you quite a bit of points. At the same time, you can also attack your opponent's bridges but that can be a costly affair.
More often than not, you will be trying your best to generate the raw goods and then using your factories change them into finished products and trying to sell them at the best prices by jacking up those prices and suppressing those of your opponents. The prices not only give points during the game but also give further points at the end of the game.
All in all, it was an interesting game based on dice rolling and movement and getting an economy engine going. I will want to give this a go again with more players and see how the interaction is. For now, its a Try before you buy.

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