Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lost Legacy: Love Letter version 2!

2 for the price of one! Way cool :P
What? Seiji Kanai of Love Letter fame has a new release and its like Love Letter? Why is it called Lost Legacy? Does it play better? How come there's so many cards now? Why is the Art like this? So when I heard about it, I manage to grab myself a copy via online sources and I was eager to bring it to the table.
Lost Legacy is not just 1 game, its actually TWO games in a box! There is a base set and an expansion set. You can either play either one by itself (2-4 players) or combine them both to play up to 6 players OR mix and match as you prefer! This certainly adds to a LOT of flexibility all in a little box.
Its now different from Love Letter in that while you are still trying to eliminate each other during the game, if the deck runs out, you are trying to guess where the "Lost Legacy" card is at. Even the way you are trying to eliminate each other now is different. There are cards where if you are holding it and someone peeks at your card, they are eliminated from the game which makes it more tricky to want to peek at someone else's card. There is a new location called RUINS which has 1 card to begin with and where the Lost Legacy could still be at. Instead of several rounds, you can now just play 1 round and determine the winner (or play several rounds to reduce the element of luck). 
Both decks play quite differently because of the different cards in each deck so really you are getting a LOT of bang for buck. When we played it, all players instantly took a liking to it and while the verdict is out on which they prefer (Love Letter or Lost Legacy), I can see Lost Legacy quickly beating Love Letter because of the amount of replayability and the added depth. Its just that little something more to make it feels like a different game and more thinky. This is the type of micro games that I feel all micro games should be like in that after 1 or 2 plays you can get a good sense of what the game is like and best of all, I like it. Now I have played several micro games in the past few months and for most parts, those that have been coming from Japan have been a big hit with me and the group. I am definitely keeping an eye out for more of such games from Japan and here's hoping all the rest of the world can discover just how fun they are!

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