Sunday, June 23, 2013

Palastgefluster : Much better this time

Quite a tight last move that enabled me to win
Previously when I brought this out, it did not really meet with great fanfare. This time in office though I had quite a good time playing it. Especially the last round where 2 of us were at 4 points each and either of us could win it. We were playing with 4 and ALL of us were down to our final card. Thus I could either cause someone else to win and we play 1 more round OR I pick my closest competitor's card and hope she loses and thus I win.
Which is what I did and she lost! It was quite an interesting last round as well because we used a lot of wizards to change cards and every time we swapped away same sets of cards. All in all, I will definitely want to try this more but probably not with the full complement of 5 players as it seems that is very hard to control and you may not even get to play a round but score points.

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