Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Truckers - Come lets deliver goods or steal each other's!

Cute art but slightly below average components
The Truckers is a light-weight euro-style game from Japan where players are choosing from a set of cards and simultaneously choosing 1 card to move their truck around a track OR load goods. After 3 rounds, the game ends and players count up points for their trucks that have been loaded with goods. Majority of each goods will score points. Then there are points for fully loaded trucks. Finally count all the penalties (i.e. empty truck or left over goods not yet loaded) and whoever has the most points will win the game.

Components wise its pretty ok except the edges of the square tiles are quite sharp. Art is anime-based and that is fine. The 2 interesting parts of this game is when you move your truck tokens. If you land on another player's truck token (tokens are moved depending on which truck is ahead of the pack), then you not only get the good tile that is below your truck token, you deny that player you are now on top of that good tile! Second interesting part is if you choose loading and you are the ONLY player that have chosen loading, you can steal 1 good from each player where you already have 1 of that good in your warehouse. So there's a fair bit of screwage in this game and that makes it all the more fun to me.
I won pretty handily because of the majorities that I have been getting (which I am surprised none of the other players tried to compete against me) and I also managed to choose my cards correctly (stealing twice in the game and coming in 2nd to end the game and score 1 point).
Overall, its a pretty interesting game to play and can be seen as a good filler. Try before you buy!

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