Sunday, June 2, 2013

Viticulture: My fake visitor's center did not bring in enough customers!

Amazingly tight game with 6!
Finally, a 6 player session of Viticulture! I have been wanting to try out a 6 player and also to try to win the game without fulfilling much or any wine orders. 6 players certainly makes the game tighter (not many things you can do) and reminds me of multiplayer (more than 3) Le Havre where you have to wait several rounds before you can actually do the things you wanted to.

The player next to me was also starting off very similar in that he had the Visitors' center and the windmill and started to earn roughly about 2 points every round just by these buildings. I was doing a very similar route, selling wine and planting vines and also was doing not too bad. We were quite aheads of Jon when he started to fulfill his wine orders and leaped over us pretty handily. There were complaints from Dion who was saying that our visitors' center was a sham because we did not have any wine to show to the visitors lol.
Finally though, Jon did 1 more order to signal the end of the game. Jillian managed to also meet jon at 21 points but did not have enough money to win the tie breaker. The player next to me that was doing the visitors' center route forgot there was 3 spaces available for crushing grapes and ended up losing the game. If he remembered, we calculated that he may have given Jon a run for the money. Perhaps only losing the tie breaker by $1.
So all in all, still a very tight game despite the different methods we were trying to achieve. The visitor's cards were vey powerful, often helping players to bring them to tie with the leaders or not too far from them on the score track. However for 6 players I feel it maybe a little bit too much for the game. I feel perhaps 4 or 5 will be just nice. Haven't had a chance to play with fewer than 4 though but I will want to give it a go and see how it feels. Its still quite a good game and perhaps next time Jon and me can try the other aspects of the expansions that came with the Kickstarter package. Recommended!

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