Sunday, July 28, 2013

Castles of Burgundy : Why am I not getting this hmm...

Hmm i think I am doing something wrong somewhere...
So after quite a long while of not playing the actual boardgame (I have been playing it online), Jon brought his copy over and we played a 4 player game of Castles. I am not sure why but I am just not getting it. I thought I was doing pretty well with the game but halfway through I was last on the scoreboard yet my board is mostly full. We played with the championship board and Jon mentioned its pretty tough but with all my early 10 point scorings for completing the smaller areas, I still end up dead last! Perhaps I was not efficient enough because I did not go for the green castles which gave extra action (most of my opponents all had at least 3). Perhaps I did not invest in the animals abit more (Jean who played it the first time broke 200 and had a lot of pigs which we did not block and gave her like 8+ points each time she placed a farm). Or perhaps I did not invest in the end game scoring like what Jon did which gave him the win (he had 3). I did have some nice end game scoring but perhaps I wasn't using the buildings enough to give me the combos I wanted. I did snatch the grey 7 pointer scoring tile from Jillian who was also eying it but in the end I was dead last.

BLAH.... time to play online again to practise! :P


  1. I believe one good way of wining is getting the right yellow tile, animal, and to get the biggest building lot! Didn't really had a fantastic impression of the game initially, but after a few games I think I kind of like it.

  2. you can play it online as well at http://www.boiteajeux.net/