Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crude: What another bingo?

So many pieces!!
Well, heard a lot, wanted to try, finally got to try. Did not complete the game though because it kinda got long and repetitious and the owner of the game had to leave. We weren't sad to see the game go so we could play something else.
Now its not a bad game per say and I can certainly see the draw of the game. When the right die hit, I will raise my arms and yell "BINGO!" much like when I play Augustus. What you do during your turn is rather straight forward too: Sell if your petrol kiosks are hit, refine, pump oil, convert to pumps and buy or sell new equipment. I think the majority of the decision will be whether to sell or what to buy.
After that, just rinse and repeat until someone wins. The other highlight is also when the market changes and the players has to roll the green die to determine which market it changes to. Because of the nature of the game, you kinda welcome these random events (the actual events + die rolls + market changes) so exaggerate it to make the game more fun. Otherwise the rest are kinda auto-pilot in a way. Its not a bad game but I think it can get too long and repetitious for its own good. Try before you buy!


  1. Let me guess, it was the owner who has the highest $$$$ when he left. My bet is on it!

  2. LOL has anybody ever beaten Mr. Boon at this game?