Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goblins Drool Fairies Rule : All that rhyming lol

Nice art, excessive rhyming.. 
Jason's kickstarter copy arrived and I was surprised he backed this because he's usually a heavy euro gamer. He mentioned that he got it because of the art and looking at the game I can certainly see the art is pretty cool. How does it play though?

Goblins Drool Fairies Rule is essentially a set collecting game with an interesting twist and that is rhymes. In the game, you will be choosing a card from your play area to be played into the central area. Now if your card rhymes with any of the cards in the central area, they are flipped to the other side. Each card has 2 sides, a Fairy side and a Goblin side. Both sides have icons and they usually come in pairs (each side will be a different icon). These icons are sun/moon and toad/mushroom. So after you have flipped card(s), you will be able to take cards that correspond to the icon of the card you just played into your play area. The player that, at the end of his turn, manages to remove all his/her Goblin cards OR have 6 fairies in his/her play area will win the game.
Art is certainly very nice and there are very witty and interesting names in the game. The rhyming bit though can get a whee bit tedious and confusing even though the instructions do tell you what the available rhymes are. They could have though provided colors to the words so we can quickly tell which cards rhyme and help us to determine what cards to play.
Its a light quick and surprisingly interesting game but it gets trickier when you play with more than 2 because you are trying your best to guard each other and it can get difficult to find a way to play cards that will not set the next player up to win the game. Not a bad game after 2 plays with 2 and 1 play with 3. I think I will prefer with 2 though. Try before you buy!

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