Saturday, July 6, 2013

Guildhall: Job Fair. Taxcollector is so realistic ;p

Tax Collector is so powerful!
So the new standalone expansion for Guildhall is out and while I have the base game and do enjoy it (though I won't play it with more than 3), I was eager to try this out to see if its a must buy for me.
Essentially its the same game but with new professions to try out. It feels that the standalone has a different feel to the game. There is a lot of screwage still and that is quite prevalent in our game with a lot of cards switching guildhalls. The tax collector also seems to be pretty powerful and thus requires other players to ensure that it is not abused too much which brings to another point that players cannot afford to ignore what opponents are doing otherwise they can win pretty handily. Not sure if Tax collector is overpowered but with more plays I will be able to determine that. So far it seems that its a profession not to be ignored.
We played with 3 and it did take longer than I expected (maybe 45 mins or so?). I did try to go by tax collector route and grabbed the early few points lead but closed off my tax collectors too early. Then there was a lot of switching of cards around and the discard pile is now even more important because of the Hunter card. Nearer the end though, Jillian managed to have 3 collected sets and with the tax collector as the 4th set, she pretty much had the game in hand. I tried to stop it by robbing her card but she peddled it away from me during her turn.
Not a bad game but jus tlike the base game, it may not be for everyone. Try before you buy!

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