Friday, July 5, 2013

Guilds of Cadwallon: Is that it?

I did not do very well....
New game that Roy brought along to our gaming night. We have never played the other game this is based on (City of Cadwallon I think) as none of us have it so I was interested to see what this game provides.

In essence this is a set collecting game. At the start of every round, the city is setup by laying cards in a grid with gaps inbetween cards. During your turn, you are to place 1 of your plastic figures (each player's set of color figures are uniquely moulded which is cool) in these gaps. You are using these figures to try to win the city cards they are adjacent to (so each figure assists in trying to win on 2 city cards. However not all cards are city cards. There are militia cards (which give negative points) as well as action cards which perform actions like swapping of cards etc.
Once all figures have been played and all gaps filled, then players will resolve each card. A player will win the card if the figures adjacent to this card provide enough points to win over the other players. If there's a draw, then no one gets the card. The points are determined by the other card that the figure is adjacent to which is the interesting part of the game.
Once all cards have been resolved, the city is reseeded again and start player passes and the game continues. The game ends when there are not enough cards to reseed the city completely. Players then count up their points and having multiples of the same guild city card provides extra bonuses as well. The player with the most points wins the game.
The game comes with a few variants which you can choose to mix and match or play it vanilla. I am a fan of secret objectives and thus adding that in is good. Our group did enjoy the game and its an interesting light-medium euro-style game. There is just that sufficient amount of thinking required as to where you want to place your meeple and what type of card you are targetting to make this border on the medium weight range. Otherwise though, this game is quite straight forward thus the light weight-ness of the game. Not bad, we had fun and my friend who played it again afterwards really liked it. Try before you buy!

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