Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Homesteaders: I always don't seem to know what I am doing...

glad I managed to bring this out again...
Whenever I bring this game out to play, I always always admire the awesome components. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I look at the nice cow-eeples, the apple-eeples and all that jazz and I feel that this game is so worth the money. However when I am playing the game I always feel I don't really have a good grasp of what this game is about or when my engine is just about ready the game has ended. Worse is the auction portion which I often overbid.

This time however it seemed different and perhaps I have FINALLY gotten a better grasp of this game and what I am doing. I kept myself debt free for most of the game and only when I had the bank then I decided to grab a few loans because every income I get to remove 1 loan chit. Also while I was trying my best to get workers I had only managed to get 2 when the game ended. Still I managed to bid and build buildings which grabbed me combos (+1 point for each red building and +2 for each special building). All in all, it was a good game for me as everything seemed to fell into place. Getting the gold pieces + Trade chits makes it easier for me to get the materials that I wanted. Its still quite a good game for me to play but I should get it out more often to better appreciate it better!

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