Sunday, July 28, 2013

Legends of Andor: OMG tis hard to protect the kingdom!

So after reading around I decided to give in the hype and bought another coop game, Legends of Andor and give it a go. I managed to get my usual gaming group (who usually dislike coops) to give it a go as well! How did it go?

Well board and the components looked awesome. Even though the bits are cardboard standees, I think for this case its acceptable because if there were miniatures, it may have been more expensive and a bit harder to pack and keep. The rules that came with the game are sparse at best. The introductory mission is quite good, reminds me of the intro scenarios of most dungeon crawl computer games. The rest of the rules are provided from the Legends cards as you play the game. However it seems odd that there isn't one of those usual rulebooks to refer to.
First part of Legend 1 is straight forward just to get the players used to moving around the board and interacting with Fog tokens, well and the market. 2nd part of the Legend 1 is where it starts getting interesting AND really tough. Our first group had quite a bit of trouble trying to make it work and I think we ended up being very inefficient in our fights and could not meet al the objectives. Fighting by ourselves when we have low strength is a crap shoot and we aren't killing the monsters fast enough.
A second group tried Legend 1 and we had a mistake with the Merchant (we bought the falcon) and mistakenly beat it much more easily than the first group. However we then tried Legend 2 and we could not defeat the big boss in time before the castle was overrun.
Its certainly a trying game and requires a LOT of team work otherwise I doubt we can complete it in time. I will definitely want to try it again and perhaps with the same groups and see what we can do to at least beat Legend 1 and 2 properly this time. Its been fun mainly because whatever plans you make, you won't be able to cater for the random dice rolls that you make or that the monsters make. The main gripe I have with the game is that someone else needs to roll the dice for the enemies and when they roll really well, they get very apologetic and even feel guilty about it. I feel that they shouldn't feel this way because, well, its not really their fault. I think having a dicetower will help somewhat. Surprisingly lots of fun and I will like to try it again.


  1. When compare to Flashpoint, which is a better co-op game or which is more fun to you?

  2. sorry havent played flashpoint so cannot compare :) but as a rule i seldom play coops. I heard all the hype and since it won the german award I decided to give it a go :) maybe Jon can comment.

  3. Flashpoint is much easier to grasp and to teach IMO

    both games are very thematic and i enjoy them both, if i had to choose one over the other, i would probably go with Flashpoint as i like its theme better and its simplicity of play ( much easier to get to the table )

    but Legends has Quests which makes the goal different each time and i sense that Legends is also much harder than Flashpoint.
    but Legends also has a lot of moving parts and may be a bit on the fiddly side

    but i really dont think you can go wrong with both.