Sunday, July 7, 2013

Notre Dame: Another Feld game knocked out of the park!

Interesting maps and scalability no ?
On the quest to finish playing all the Feld games Jon brought over Notre Dame yesterday and we played a 3 player game of it. Won't go into too much details about the rules because its not a new game but I'll share my session impressions on it.

The draw of quickly sending your "car" to grab all those "messages" is very big because not only do they quickly give you points they also give you small benefits. Cubes and money is very important because without cubes, you cannot activate the buildings and without money you cannot hire a person and use his benefits. Most of the time though you are hoping for a good card draw so that you can at least do something constructive. You cannot rely too much on other players passing you good cards though so its a crap shoot on that. Notre Dame cannot be ignored as well because its a source of very good VPs but it requires a lot of money though.
All in all, I did not manage the cubes and money well and so there are a few rounds where I could not do anything and had to pass. Its quite a nice game to play. Easy to learn and pick up and quick to play. Year of the dragon seems a little tougher to play. Notre Dame is easier to play. I want to see how it scales up though and I heard from Dion that it plays well too with more players. Light weight euro-style game and I think most gamers will like the game. Recommended.


  1. If you run out of cubes you can move a cube from another space instead of passing, so tou can still do something even though you don't have cubes anymore in your personal supply.

  2. yea we misread that rule until near the last round of the game then we realised it. Tainted victory! luckily i did not win ;p