Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Through the Ages : Simple game mode

Simple game mode. Its been some time...
Its been quite some time since I owned a copy of Through the Ages, played it once before I let it go because it wasn't going to see a lot of gaming time. That was when I was still transiting to being a heavy euro gamer. So I was eager to give it another go again just to see how my tastes have changed, if any. Now I have played this a couple of times since then online and let me say that playing online is way way faster especially when both players (mostly played with 2 online) are online at the same time. Things get resolved pretty quickly and there's not a lot of pushing discs around.
We played the simple game because we were expecting more of our friends to turn up and let me say that I much prefer the longer game. There is war and agression to be had and that makes up half the fun of Through the Ages I must say. The simple game seems to be an introduction to the game and will serve its purpose as a warm up to the actual longer game. Will I still want to own a copy? Not anymore I am afraid. Nowadays quite a lot of the longer civilisation games comes with a little bit more bling (plastic pieces) that enhances the experience and doesn't feel as dry. Through the Ages is essentially a card game with a lot of little discs. Its elegant and clean but I crave just that little bit more jazz to my games nowadays. I won't say no to playing the full game though but I think I will prefer playing it online than in person. With 2 I will be fine, with more it will be a bit more challenging. Try before you buy.

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