Sunday, July 7, 2013

Witches' Brew : I am, you are? So be it...

Played with 6! Woohoo.. lotsa screwage..
I first played this game over at my friend's Eric's place when Jon brought it over and I was quite intrigued by it with all the chants of "I am......." and then other players going "no, I AM....." and all the screwage involved. When we had 6 players yesterday, Jon brought his copy over (I only have the german copy) and we managed to play it together with the amulet expansion which allows the 1st player to veto subsequent players' claims of "I am..." to continue to being that character.

We had 3 new players in the group but the game is quite easy to pick up and we had no problems playing it. The first few rounds were quite slow because we were quite effective in blocking each other as we all went for pretty much the same cards in the beginning. Later on in the game though this changed as people started to try other strategies and we have players that could play 3 of their cards without getting blocked. I find this game very interesting because of the second guessing of your opponents and what they may do and what you may want to do as well. Sometimes you have to deliberately lose the "I am..." so that you won't be the start player in the next round. Sometimes you have to choose cards where you can be "So be it..." just to be able to get that small benefit to further your agenda. Its a pity that there is no english reprint of the game and I have to resort to getting the german version just to have a copy. I wish someone will reprint it soon! Its a fun light weight american style game where players are trying to concoct potions or get gold to exchange for potions and vials as well to score points and win the game. Recommended!

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