Monday, August 19, 2013

Fix'it for Dummies - Kobayakawa

The third entry for Fix'it for Dummies is...

Fix'it – 8th Round split into 8th & 9th Rounds ( with restrictions )

Original Rule:
The game ends after the 8th round where each player mush bid 2 coins to stay in the round.

New Rule:
The game ends after the 9th round.
For the 8th and 9th round, only 1 coin is required to stay in the round ( meaning, same as rounds 1-7 ).
There is a restriction for the 8th and 9th rounds.
If the player bids to stay in the 8th round, he/she cannott participate in the 9th round.
Therefore, no player may participate in both the 8th and the 9th round.

The way the game is structured, in most cases, the player who wins the 8th round tends to win the game as the bid to stay in the round is 2 coins, and if the player wins the round with say 4 players in the game, he/she will receive 8 coins ( a rather high amount ).

And during the 8th round, everyone who can make a bid is very likely to make a bid to stay in as they have nothing to lose ( unless he/she is the current coin leader ). This leads to having too many coins up for grabs for the winner of the 8th round.

With the restructured 8th and 9th rounds, the players may choose not to bid to stay in the 8th round depending on their current hand and try instead to win the 9th round perhaps with a better hand. Whereas the players who have a decent hand may try to win the 8th round instead and not push their luck to the later 9th round. So the pool of coins tend to be divided within the last 2 rounds and thus the winner will not be declared solely based on the best hand of the last round.

this fix'it has now been implemented in all the games of Kabayakawa that i play
the original 8th round rule was just too swingy for me and made the game very much meaningless until the last round



Although it is called "Fix'it for Dummies", it is by no means me saying that:
1) the game is broken, or
2) you are a dummy
It is neither of the above. It is just house rule(s) that I use when I play the game as I find that it increases my enjoyment of the game, or makes it a whole lot more interesting. :) 


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