Thursday, August 15, 2013

PULP Episode 16: Day 0 of GENCON 2013

I talk about Day 0 of my 2013 GENCON Experience! 
Games played:
1) Kobayakawa
2) Pinguin Party
3) Maximum Takedown
4) Circus Train
5) Hegemonic

Listen to it here

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  1. Hmmmm ..... thought you would post some of the picture/video on this blog as well ....... hey you should also post picture of your press pass on this blog.

    BTW .... what's up with Jo or some other gamer on Reiner Knizia's game???? The game is innocent even if one don’t like the creator …… hahahahha jkjkkjkjkjk

    Also, I would assume that it’s Maximum Throwdown and not takedown right.

    1. Hey lex, all pictures and videos are at my twitter account @duckizz . Lance is the one who doesn't like Reiner. And you are right it's throw down not takedown. I was thinking of wrestling :)