Sunday, August 4, 2013

Push Ur Luck Podcast is heading to GENCON 2013!

Yes I will be heading there for GENCON 2013, my 2nd time since last year but my first time as PRESS! I am not really sure what it entails but so far there have been some invites to press events. I heard there's a press room that I can utilise to upload videos and I am hoping to be able to use it to upload podcast episodes. Speaking of which, I will be bringing my new voice recorder with me to record interviews and hopefully, with minimal effort, release a daily episode while I am at gencon. Otherwise, failing that, you will just have to wait for me to be free sometime in September to release a compilation of the interviews in 1 mega episode.

Like last year, I will be taking pictures and tweeting them. I will also try using Vine to take 7 second impressions of games that I get to demo on. So follow me @duckizz if you have not!

Also as you can see from above we have a new Logo and even Tshirts that I will be wearing daily at Gencon. So if you spot me, do come up and say Hi to me or even grab me for a game or 2. I will be most happy to oblige :)

So from now till GENCON (which is not really that far away), we won't release any episodes but in the mean time, we leave you with our latest episode, Episode 15 where we talk with Joel Eddy of DriveThruReview on our Top 7 overrated games!

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