Friday, October 25, 2013

ImprEssens - Om Nom Nom

Om Nom Nom is such a delightful name for a game that it was inevitable that I had to give it a go.
It's basically a quick push your luck and deduction game where you try to outthink your opponents and grab a whole bunch of munchies for yourself

ONN is played over three rounds and each round plays the same.
A bunch of dice are rolled to begin with and placed on 3 separate boards as either the lowest tier prey or a mid level prey cum predator.

Each player has a symmetrical deck of cards featuring 3 apex predators and 3 mid level predators.
Each round is played over 6 turns which are dictated by the cards. Players will choose a card to play and reveal them simultaneously. Each card is assigned to the allocated spaces on the board and are resolved from top to bottom. So the apex predator on each board will munch ( capture ) the prey below it, and if the apex predator is not around, then the mid level predator gets to munch on the lowest level prey ( represented by dice ). Each card of your opponent captured is 1 point, the card you take back if you are the top predator or if nothing happens is also worth a point. The lowest level prey dice is worth 2 points. Dice that show the mid level predator is also worth a point.

So basically you are trying to deduce what your opponents intend to put and from there derive what will give you the most points in that single card play.
I played a 5 player game and it was mostly chaotic with a great swing in points. The winner was trailing but at the last round managed to swoop in to munch 6 prey dice worth 12 points. And that literally gave him the game. It was a good move but it's really a bit swingy and pretty much samey after awhile. 

For a family game I can see its appeal, but apart from that I think it's not going to appeal to most other people. If it were to induce some laughter I could understand the draw of it, but I found myself mostly unentertained.

Pre-play Thoughts: looks simple and cute. Deduction and push your luck seems like it will be a good fit for me
In-game Thoughts: not as much double think nor deduction as I had hoped. Final card plays feel redundant
Post-game Thoughts: nice to try but I'm outta here


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