Sunday, October 27, 2013

Push Your Luck Podcast now does Video Reviews!

So we have ventured into the youtube realm and its a quick review of one of Uwe's recent releases, Glass Road!

Do give us your reviews and comments so we can improve upon and see how we can continue our video reviews.

Here's the link for youtube:



  1. Just to add a few points........ do note on the direction of the lighting, best if the lighting come from the top although I know it's daytime ....... and would you want to have a fixed camera to capture your video or half the time you want to hold it and/or maybe at certain time to zoom in and focus and etc (penny for thought) ........ last but not least I look forward to a youtube video where you and Jonathan are poking fun at one another where the both of you are presenters in front of the camera while reviewing a boardgame .......... "Our own Singapore Tom Vassel and Sam Healey"

  2. heheh this was done using ipad and was spur of the moment :) I will probably plan better in the future but we have to see the amount of effort required though. Jon has mentioned he will not get in front of the camera so.... we'll have to see.

    1. Ya quite true ....... understand it can take up quite alot of the time ........ Oh I'm surprised how can the animal lover be so shy .............hmmm one thing I'm sure of from him .......... is that he wouldn't be that shy when it comes to poking a stick at your back or sliding a knife very close to your throat while you are gaming with him ........... wahahahahah ............ just kidding