Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick Preview: Dead Man's Draw

This might be too late to help the Kickstarter campaign for the game but i gotta try !
Dead Man's Draw Kickstarter / ( ends in 56 hours ! )
I had only recently ( read: yesterday ) downloaded the app for my iPad, and i LOVE the gameplay !

Its really very simple but strangely addicting.

Each turn you get to flip as many cards ( one at a time ) from a face-down deck into the play area. You will choose/decide when to stop and bank all the cards. Should you draw a card of the same suit as one previously drawn, then you bust and all cards revealed are thrown into a discard pile.

You keep doing this till the deck runs out and you start counting points based on the highest numbered card you obtained in each suit. There are 10 suits in the game with numbers 2-7 ( except for the mermaid who is 4-9 ). The player with the most points is the winner.
The best part of the game though, is that each suit has a unique ability that will affect how you play the game.

The abilities are as follows:

Anchor - you can keep every card before the anchor even if you bust
Mermaid - no ability but its value ranges from 4-9 instead of 2-7
Kraken - you must immediately draw at least 2 more cards
Oracle - you may see what the next card is before you draw it
Sword - steal an opponent's card and immediately play it
Hook - play one of your already banked cards
Key - used to enable the Chest ability if it is in the play area ( and banked )
Chest - haul x2 ( take as many cards from the discard pile as your play area )
Cannon - force an opponent to discard a previously banked card
Map - draw 3 cards from the discard pile and play one

The abilities really turn the game from a regular push your luck game to something more. There are some combinations out there for you to use ( and abuse ) esp when your opponents have cards that may help you do just that.
Example, use the Sword to steal their Hook, use the Hook to play your Cannon and force them to discard another card.

Apart from that they will have character cards that give each player their own unique ability. Not exactly sure what the abilities are but the art is lovely.

So if it sounds like a game that might interest you, do check it out !


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