Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Contest Looms...

Hey All !

To celebrate Push Your Luck Podcast's 1st year anniversary, and also to thank all our faithful readers and listeners, we will be releasing a contest this Sunday - 22nd Dec - ( Singapore Local Time ) on our BGG Guild ! 

You will find all the details on the forum at our guild !
So sign up to be a member and click subscribe so that you will be informed of when it begins !
There is also a convenient link on the right hand side of our website under "Join our guild". Wink Wink

If you are not already a member of BGG ( www.boardgamegeek.com ), we strongly encourage you to join the vast community there as that truly is the best resource for all things board gaming.

All the best and hope that you'll have fun with the contest as well !


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