Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DuckiCon - Coconuts ( Game 4 of 6 )

I'm not sure if I need to say more about how awesome Coconuts is.
Everyone who has played it has loved it. Light and heavy gamers alike.
Well, I did meet one friend who dissed it without having played it, I'm sure a play would change his mind, but he's being stubborn. Luckily I'm stubborn too. We'll see who wins out.

Anyway, just a few pictures of our game at DuckiCon.
Jean finally won a game of this. She used to be so horrible at it. Times are a-changing.

How to Play: Take your Monkey Catapult, Shoot a Rubbery Coconut

Play a Card to Help Yourself or Affect Someone Else, you only have Two per game

If your Coconut lands in a cup, put it in Front of you. If it's a Red cup, please shoot again

When you have successfully scored 6 cups, you win !

Great Times


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  1. I'm not sure of this ....... but I think there is a technique ....... first must always put your coconut in a consistent way ........ e.g. if you had use to put the pointed side of the coconut facing outward, keep doing it. Secondly, try to keep it short .....e.g. half strength or half pull back and etc .......