Sunday, December 8, 2013

DuckiCon is Ovar !!! A Grade Company, B Grade Food, and a whole bunch of games starting with C

The sun has set on DuckiCon. What was a two and a half day event was only a one day one night event for me. Life got in the way, or well, stuff got in the way of life, however you choose to see it. ;)

It was definitely a very fun and joyous few (many) hours spent with awesome company and excellent games (especially after nearly 2 weeks of no gaming for me). 
I won't spoil what I played as you can expect impressions of them to come in the next few days (or weeks) depending on how busy my schedule becomes. 

But for those who want to make guesses, all I can say is that I was busy exploring caves, building a salad of a city, ruling Rome with a strong hand, going nuts for cups, building a village in love with all things sets, and getting dirty in the coal mines. 
All of which surprisingly start with the letter C except for an old friend with new farming etiquettes.

Till then, watch this space!
And listen to our podcasts! If you've heard them all, hear them again! For a contest awaits...


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