Friday, January 3, 2014

2013, statistically speaking

So since I have been tracking my plays via boardgamegeek, lets take a look at the statistics and also my thoughts.
In 2013, I played 563 games. This is just slightly more than 506 games in 2013.
Out of which, I played 274 unique games (included in this count are expansions).
Out of which, 85 are 2013 releases.
Games most played in 2013 in descending order is Love Letter, Coup, Suburbia, Kobayakawa and Bora Bora.
Compared to 2012, its Biblios, Plato 3000, Netrunner and Kakerlakenpoker.

Given that my situation did not change much in 2013, the number of plays have been pretty consistent. Mostly have been gaming groups at my place and I have stopped going to meetups. To me, gaming is 50% about the game and 50% about the interaction with the friends around you. Therefore, I feel that once you have friends that you like to game with, you will want to keep gaming with them consistently. It can sometimes get tricky when there are so many friends you want to game with but not enough space to host them all at once!

I am glad that I had managed to play so many unqiue games but the number of 2013 releases is nothing to brag about. Given that 2013 seems to be a bumper year of releases, I do hope that in 2014 I manage to cover more of the 2013 releases so that I can comfortably contribute to the dicetower Best of 2013 voting lists in April 2014.

Games most played for both years does seem to show that I play a lot of the lighter games. This is not accurate though. I do bring out the lighter games more often because they are my go-to games for warming up or cooling down before and after a long gaming session. Furthermore, I do bring them to office for our lunch time sessions and I won't be bringing heavies with me. Thus its natural that the lighter fares get a lot more plays.It is interesting to note though that a heavier game (Bora Bora) managed to get into my Top 5 most played games in 2013. It does show how much I like the game as well as the gaming groups I am with and the level they are at.

One disclaimer though that may probably skew the statistics are the online plays that I have been having with various friends. Especially Castles of Burgundy on http://www.boiteajeux.net. I have recently gotten very hooked on it and have been playing almost on a daily basis 2 player or 3 players. Even though I am still beaten quite regularly by my friends, I feel that I have improved quite a lot. The test will be when I next play with Jonathan in real life. That will see if I have learnt the many lessons I have gleamed from my online plays.
With regards to the gaming groups, I have been very fortunate to be with groups that can play heavier euro-style games and have a very good balance of gals and guys. We have managed to "infect" the ladies with our "disease" and after several sessions, have "leveled" them up to a respectable level that they enjoy the thinkier games now and can often beat us in the games. Now if I can get them to contribute with boardgames of their own and start their collections, that will be most "delicious" *GRIN*

On the boardgame collection front, I have been consistent in trimming away games I no longer play in order to take in more 2013 releases. So far the number of boardgames I own is hovering comfortably at 150 region though it means I am spilling over my cabinets into an adjacent room. If I can trim it further, that will be optimal but the second-hand boardgame market in our local meetup group is now becoming more competitive. Enthusiasts now know where to buy games online cheaply and having Amazon with free delivery also means gamers now have access to cheap games. Its not impossible to resell games that you don't play but you will probably have to discount more nowadays.

On the iOS front, its the same case where I have too many applications but too little time to play them. My previous purchases of Titan and Stone age have been untouched for some time and new applications are now appearing more frequently. Suburbia was quite a good application but teething issues still currently being faced prevent it from being great. Lords of Waterdeep application is awesome though and I am enjoying the multiplayer matches. I know there will be even more iOS ports of boardgames and as long as they remain afforable (i.e. <USD5), I will still try to make space for them on my iDevice.
So all in all, quite a good year of gaming. I hope it will be the same in 2014 (i.e. infect 1 or 2 more people and level them up!) or even better!

How has your gaming in 2013 been like? What are you hoping for in 2014? Leave your comments below!


  1. I played 520 games in 2013! Woah ..... yes 2013 is really my first full year in BGG.

    The below is my top 10 played games excluding mahjong. There is no real surprise there is no light filler games as it's way too light for me. (And I can never never understand those who can play love letter marathon like 2hr consecutively!)

    Navegador 8 (Probably one of my favorite, fall in love with it after Boonec introduce it to me), 7 Wonders 7 (What a coincidence! 7 Wonder 7 games!), Le Havre 7 (yes the very set I purchase from you), Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar 7, Dominion 6, Thurn and Taxis 6, Chicago Express 5, Piece o' Cake 5, Village 5, El Grande 4.

    Well I guess I'm really a medium euro leaning toward the heavier side. I don't know why, I never really like to play a game repeatedly even if I like it alot ....... I also don't mind playing with the occasional stranger but who I play with perhaps have a much bigger impact then how fantastic a gameplay can be. I rather play a lousy game with great gamers then play a great game with lousy players.

    Last but not least, Happy New Year PYLP! May there be more good years to come!

  2. hi Lex, happy new year too :) I would recommend playing some games a few times to better appreciate it. Like fine wine, some of the games will surprise you or encourage you to try the different paths to victory.