Sunday, January 19, 2014

Push Your Luck Podcast Episode 29: Chatting with the ladies in our gaming group

Hi everyone, this episode is a mp3 version of our Google Hangout on air that I arranged with 3 ladies from my gaming group. I wanted to find out more about them and also what games they like, why they like to board game and also any suggestions they may have to attract more ladies into gaming. If you have already seen the youtube video, then this will be more or less the same.

If you have not, take a listen and I hope it will be interesting for you (you can subscribe to iTunes and get the latest episode).

I will also be having another interview session with 2 or 3 other ladies that I play boardgames with. It will be on the 20th at 930PM Singapore time. You can join in here

Interested to ask the ladies some questions? Feel free to post your comments here.

Thanks for listening!

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