Monday, January 6, 2014

Push Your Luck Podcast Video #9: Ladies in gaming!

So I decided to interview 3 ladies whom I game with regularly and they were nice, kind, gracious and brave enough to be on google hangout with me for the interview.
This is my first time attempting such an interview so I am hoping you will give me comments/suggestions/feedback :)
If there is popular demand, I will try this again, perhaps with LIVE audience and a LIVE Q&A session! :P

Enjoy and HAPPY 2014!


  1. This is fantastic ........ I will write another comprehensive feedback another time as I've been working a little late these few days ........ on the other hand I really think you should post this at meetup.com. I felt this topic may create interest, buzz and vibes ....... I'm having a dilemma getting my bigger sister into the game as well ......... will write another lengthy post another time ........ good night.

  2. hi Lex,
    i don't want to spam meetup too much with all my posts. So i'll leave it to those who are interested to follow us to join our guild and read our blog regularly :)

  3. Actually regarding about the guys being more ‘well behaved’ when gaming with the ladies ……. I have to agree mostly to what was discussed …… but most of the time I will treat most lady gamer as another player ……. I’ll “give chance” to that player especially if that player is new and etc regardless of sex. I also encountered season gamers doing likewise while gaming, the season players will just give chance or close an eye for e.g. if certain rules are play wrongly and etc. The only time I think a guy may “give chance or give way” to a certain particular lady gamer, is when he may take a fancy of that lady …….. hmmmm ….. that’s my personal point of view. I had not experienced much guys "going easy" on lady gamers........ hmmmm maybe I don't game much with lady gamers in the first case ........

    Onto the topic of getting more ladies (or non boardgammer friends) to be interested in board gaming ……… woah ….. I have much much difficulty in trying to get my sister, my mahjong friends, my poly friend, colleagues and etc to play boardgame ……. Oh man it was tough ……. I’m mainly a medium euro player leaning toward the heavier side ……… but I deliberately went to buy TTR, Alhmabra, piece of cake, Timeline, Las Vegas and etc just to ‘please’ and get my non-bg friends or sister to be interested and hop onto the bg wagon . ……. but I fail miserably …….. sigh …… it seems that whenever I mentioned boardgame, subconsciously they will think it’s ‘bored’ game and will consciously condemn it as “boring” ……. Hmmm …….. Maybe I lack the flair or appeal to interest them …..sigh …… any tips to get my sister or non bg friends interested in boardgame? Think I have too little light games as it's just not my cup of tea.

    I totally agree with Jean’s point on using too much brain on games at times …….. some people just want to play simple or silly games at time ……. I was commented on by my colleague the other day ……. “What Lex? ….After a whole day of work using brain …… you still wanna work your brain playing games ……!!!???!?!?!?” and this also lead to Jillian’s point on the happily annoyed statement …….. Some people like that stimulant but not stuff that is so strenuous it become a stain! …… For me I have to admit a big portion of heavy games put me off esp heavy wargame……. that’s because even before I can start gaming I need to read that 25 pages of rules or etc before I can even start playing the game …… (but Eric ….. Mage knight and TTA are nice ……. Hmmmm ……. )

    Hey ...... how can Jean play the game of life from young and Jillian couldn’t remember it …………………….. BTW did anyone notice there’s a cat behind Jillian at a certain point in the discussion or my eyes are playing a trick on me.

    Thanks Eric for inviting the evil sister (of which one is the pokemon gym leader whereby she may have a few gym badge) and not forgetting the ‘grace’ful lady. It was to me an interesting discussion and do have a good weekend.

    Last one liner ….. I also agree Eric’s place is really not that easily accessible! ……Well at least to me ……wahhahahah……. Adios!

  4. hi Lex

    personally for me, although TTR and Alhambra are indeed gateway games, they are not the few i would take out to introduce to first timers. not because they are no good or too complex, but i find if you start really small and simple ( and the key is for the game to be quick and to have interaction ), then i find people are more open to playing the game

    my go to games for really new to games kind of people are Coconuts, Hanabi, Sushi Go, Ca$h & Gun$ and Kakaerlakenpoker.
    if the games are cute, its even easier to get the ladies to play ( Coconuts and Sushi Go and Takenoko have always been easier to table than most other games )

    lastly, and the most important, you have to be enthusiastic about the game. people can sense how excited you are ( or not ) about something pretty quickly. so if you personally dont enjoy the game, then introducing it to people won't work as they can tell that you arent sold on it yourself


  5. Yeah actually after I talked about guys giving way to girls - i don't think it is that common after all. Maybe because when we are asked about it that those times that it happened came to mind - but who knows if they are giving way because as you said I am a first time player at that time, nothing to do with being female. I would say 95% of the time I don't feel like there is any of this happening.

    As for non-gaming friends... I have some light games that I don't mind playing, like resistance, bohnanza, dixit etc. But my aim is not really to 'upgrade' people. Some people just may never be interested in more than light social games. I won't force a game - i normally describe the game in 1 or 2 sentences (you are spies, you are a bean farmer) and let them pick which they like. Sometimes they make surprising choices like when I brought some light medium games to a friends house, and of all of the choices they picked Hansa Teutonica and they all ended up enjoying it. The only other thing they played was monopoly deal, so i was really surprised that they wanted to play hansa even though i warned it was the heaviest game i brought. So you never know.

  6. ahhhhh........ Jonathan ........ ai yo ...... you should make an rare appearance at a discussion every now and then .......... how can the dynamic duo be missing the other half element!

    1. Boardgaming like real life. Give chance to girl sure lose one.