Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Through the Crystal Ball - Bruges Expansion Details & Stonemaier Games Treasure Chest

We don't normally post news items on our blog but seeing that I'm having a disappointing morning, what better way to help take things off my mind than writing about game stuff !

There are a lot of stuff happening in the gaming world everyday it seems, so I'm only going to write about what excites me. Haha. Other stuff will just have to scream louder and look prettier. :P

1) Bruges Expansion- The City on/of Zwin ??
More details have been posted about the expansion for Bruges.
It was in German so I'm gonna try to translate it and decipher what it all means
a) Changes the player count, will now play 2-5 Players
b) It's a modular expansion of 4 modules that may be used together or separately
Module 1: New Card Group - The Traveller. Their abilities utilize the discard pile
Module 2: Pieces for a 5th Player ( requires the addition of module 1 )
Module 3: Port. Ships of certain colors arrive at the port when the dice rolled shows the value of 3 or 4. Based on the color of the ships, players may build a canal section using a worker of the same color rather than using a card ( money must still be paid accordingly ). Additionally, the player may then still play a card as a free action ( so the player can now build a canal section and play a card on the same turn )
** This is what I am interpreting the translation as. Not firm but I have a strong feeling about this.
Module 4: Law Cards. One will be used each round. These laws will enhance the effects of certain actions and possibly change the rules of the game for that round
c) Comes with an add on board that has space for the 5th player and the port
d) Comes with the amended Engraver Card ( for those who own the 1st edition )

2) Stonemaier Games Treasure Chest
Jamey from Stonemaier Games has announced that they are working on a special resource pack to pimp out your games. It will launch on Kickstarter sometime in June or July, but for now, he is asking everyone to vote on how we would prefer the resources to be represented. So go ahead and vote ! Let your voice be heard !
The link to the voting page is below:
Stonemaier Games Treasure Chest

The resources look really nice on paper and seeing that the production value from Stonemaier Games has been nothing but stellar, I am more or less an instant backer unless the price is sky high.
Pimping my games is something I love to do and I can see the Treasure Chest being a valuable tool to make my games shinier and prettier.
I have a question though, why is there no food item Jamey ! Don't you know that a lot of games require food ?? Haha. :P



  1. You have food in your copy of Euphoria! :)

  2. I don't know why but Bruges is not really my cup of tea. ....... hmmmm .......