Sunday, March 2, 2014

Push Your Luck Podcast Episode 32: Would you like some tea ?

Hi all! Episode 32 is LIVE! I interview the organiser of a local event aimed at bringing more ladies into boardgaming (which was coincidentally held on Valentine's day :P ). Also interviewed an attendee who helped out as a butler.

Find out all this and more in our episode!

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  1. It’s disappointing this is not on youtube but on podcast. Quite sure TY and team had imposed a high standard on to the butler by screening out those creepy guy. I wouldn't want my daughter or niece to attend those events with creepy guy around. wahahahah

    BTW is there some technical issue with the right hand side of the volume output, I doubt my earphone is spoilt. And can I assume the lady voice at the closing belong to your wife? That was good.

    (Oh ...... pls separately pm me the lingerie shop you personally frequent. Many thanks in advance. wahahahahah jk)

  2. right side ? hmmm is it the entire episode that has problems ? Yup my wife does the outtro :)

  3. Nay ....... no worries ........ It could be my earphone and etc ......