Friday, May 23, 2014

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like... Pimping - Suburbia

So one of the newer upgrades I have done to my games is a custom insert for Suburbia.
I'll probably shuffle between older and newer pimps since the older ones are pretty mediocre ( and I'm vastly excited about my new stuff !! )

Now, I didn't create any of my new inserts ( yes, more to come ! )
They were made by a very friendly Chris Whitpan on BGG.
He's extremely talented in insert making ( IMO ) and for this Suburbia one, he designed it himself.
I have requested for specifically designed inserts and he made them to a T. Those will come in other posts. Hehe

Anyway, below are the pictures of the Suburbia insert !

what it looks like upon opening of box ( and taking out the score board )

the money tray separates for easy setup, images printed on the insert help to remind what goes where

enough space for future expansions ! unless they release oval or rectangle shaped tiles...

What I really like about custom inserts is not that they look good ( that is a bonus ), but that it really helps to ease the setup and take down time. Suburbia doesn't really need an insert in this aspect as long as you separate the tiles carefully. But I find that this insert makes things really neat and everyone kinda knows what to take and where it is when they are helping with the setup and put back of the game. So that is a big plus.
Also, the trays that hold the coins is nice compared to the old plastic containers I used to use. It takes up slightly more real estate than the plastic containers, but I find it much more useful as it gives me space for my fat fingers to pick stuff up. And its also easily passed around the table for self service. :)


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