Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like... Pimping - Russian Railroads

Ah, Russian Railroads... Eric's ( surprisingly ) favorite game.
What else could be better than to have an insert he would be insanely envious of? Hahaha. But no, that was not why I got an insert for the game, I got it cos Chris had already designed one; I saw it, I loved it, and I had to order one from him. Ha
His design for the insert is AMAZING. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

All the components tucked neatly below the main board and player boards

The RR insert is a 3 part insert

My absolute favorite part of the insert!

I too very much enjoy Russian Railroads. Probably not as much as Eric but I give it mad props for its quick playtime and engaging gameplay. The one big issue I have with RR is the setup and tear down of the game when it comes to the level 2-9 locomotives. For a quick playing game, the sorting of the 8 locomotive stacks were a great pain for me. Storing them in the original insert was messy, and setting up, arranging, and subsequently splitting them into the various stacks once done was annoying me.

So this insert really helped to solve quite a bit of this problem I had.
Firstly, storing them was neat and beautiful looking. Secondly, setup once stored is quickly solved not just because they were nicely sorted already, but it also helps in the arrangement whereby you could easily see when a stack is depleted. The only problem that wasn't fixed was the sorting of stacks once the game is done. That is still an ongoing thing, but ticking off 2 out of 3 is more than sufficient for me.

A close up. See the nice finger tab to lift the tiles? Like!

The other tray for the cards, coins, and special tiles & meeples

The second tray doubles not only as storage but also as a convenient holder for the remaining game components. On this tray players will find the coins, the end game bonus cards, and the special one time use cards. The tray also has an area for the special engineer and locomotive tile and also the spare non player specific meeples. I just love the detail in the tray, like how the cards have a nice slant so that it won't fall out accidentally, and how you can easily put you finger in to lift the cards out.

Base of the insert. Hello engineers!

Lastly, the base of the insert is where the engineers go. They can easily be separated into stack A and stack B. Notice how there is a small tab on the top to hold them in place? And the engineers look slanted because they are - on purpose. The top tab is shorter than the length of the tile so that you can lift the engineers out effortlessly. Your finger will reach to the bottom of the stack due to the slant. Nice!
There are also 4 compartments to hold the individual player pieces and tokens. My bag for them seem a little small, I should get that rectified. But I'm also thinking whether I should just pour them all out. Haha. When I have a nice insert, I feel like using a bag for pieces does it injustice. What is the point of an insert if I still need a bag for the bits! I shall go home and right this wrong now! Haha

Well, another one done. I only have one left at this point of time... ( Unless I suddenly order more! Haha )
Just one, but it is a BIG one. In fact, it might take awhile to get posted. Collecting all the photos is going to be tedious and I just haven't had the time to do so recently. But hopefully soon! We'll see!



  1. Impressive! How much or what game did you have to buy Chris for this? Haha

    1. Hi Jun Wei,

      I think I would rather keep that under wraps in case he has different plans for insert pricing. I did get a few so it could have been cheaper, no idea.
      Best to ask him direct :)

  2. Understood. If only I can learn how he makes those clean cuts and angled cuts. Haha thanks anyway!

  3. I am glad you like it so much Jon!

    If you all want to know I started a tutorial blog on a site I write for here. Www.gamesontables.com