Friday, October 10, 2014

Push Your Luck Podcast Episode 45: Top 5 Kickstarter games

Jonathan and I talk about our Top 5 kickstarter games. We may not have backed a lot but we managed to play quite a few kickstarter games and here is the list that made us thankful there is kickstarter. Though if we discussed about kickstarter games that disappointed us... that list will be much longer ;p

Direct link here  http://s3.amazonaws.com/PushUrLuckPodcast/PYLP+Ep+45.mp3



  1. Jonathan, I have been breaking my gaming session to two tables of 4. Rather than 6 in a table, I felt 4 is optimal in playing a lot of games.

    I hadn’t kickstarted any game yet, guess I am a rather caution buyer! Lol.
    Oh gosh and I hadn’t play viticulture, the Duke (@Eric No wonder you had not sold the Duke yet) and Freedom underground too (hmmm ….. I must try this game!).

    Alien Frontier is quite good and I don’t really fancy dice game in the first case!
    Ya I like Flashpoint, in fact I prefer that over Pandemic!

    Note: @Jonathan, I’m quite sure Eric won’t sell his game to his school ‘library’!
    Note: @Eric, Any chance your school library wanna get any of those game I don’t want huh …….. lol jk

  2. lol.... well if my school does buy 2nd hand games, I will be first in line ;p my little apartment is kinda overflowing now...

  3. @Eric ohhh......I'm disappointed ;)