Friday, May 22, 2015

One Day

So just as an aside from boardgaming, I will be displaying One Day with my classmate Angela today at our End of Year student Game show! If you want to play it, check out the link below:

One Day is an interactive story generator that creates poetic snapshots of a survivor's life. Sentences, images and music are knit together to form small glimpses into the daily life of a survivor. With up to 2.5 million possible combinations each story is unique in its own way. One Day is simple and easy to navigate so anyone can sit down and enjoy the quiet atmosphere the game creates. 

Consider giving Angela and me some support by clicking on the donate button in the link. It will go a long way into allowing us to further advance One Day!

Stuff we are considering:
a) Release this on iOS devices
b) some more polish
c) better music

Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arboretum - My Print and Play version

Arboretum, a 2015 release by Z-man games, is a set collection game designed by Dan Cassar. Players are trying to play cards into their play area (or Arboretum) in such a way that when the end game scoring comes, they will first qualify to score points and then score as much points as they can based on the card placement. The copy that Z-man game has released has very clean and beautiful looking art based on trees but not that appealing to me so I decided to create my own version using animals which are cuter, in my opinions ;p