Monday, September 21, 2015

Push Your Luck Episode 66: Essen Top 7 and a new section!

Jon is back and we talk about our Top 7 anticipated games from the upcoming Essen convention! I also introduce a new section called Can't Stop the Sackson where my classmate Alexander Bevier and I discuss his thesis where he is writing a paper or a book about Sid Sackson, the designer of Acquire and many other games. Every episode, I will interview Alex and discuss what he has found out, researched and hopefully reveal to you more and more about Sid Sackson and his influence on the modern boardgame industry. If you want to chat with Alex, he can be found on twitter as @AlexanderBevier

Exciting news! My article at Kotaku has been published! It is about the Best 5 recent games you should be playing right now and you can find it here http://kotaku.com/five-new-board-games-you-should-play-1731648888
If you are visiting this website because of the article, thank you for reading and checking out my twitter and this page! I am very excited and hope to continue writing for Kotaku on a more regular basis!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CODENAMES Tournament! (NYU Game Center students only)

Well its official! I will be organizing a CODENAMES tournament for NYU Game Center students on 1st October 2015, thursday, 7-10 pm (after playtest thursday).

Form teams of 4 members each and sign up here http://goo.gl/forms/6eIFvgtrrW by end of September!

The tournament is free to enter and the winning team members will stand to win 1 copy of CODENAMES each! Much thanks to Czech Games Edition for sponsoring the prizes!

The game is easy to learn and play so even if you want to sign up by yourself and form a team then, please feel free to do so!